Mrs Annie Tucker Kelly Late of Balwyn North

Annie Tucker Kelly passed on 2 February 2019 aged 48 years.

Family Message

Annie Tucker Kelly was a force of nature. Larger than life. More energy than a few suns. She was a high impact individual, often unforgettable even if you only had one single Annie experience!
Annie was very clear in her instructions to Dean (“no kidding!” some will be thinking), and so we have designed the service to support her wishes.

“Celebration of Life” – Monday 25th February @ Leonda starting 1.30pm. Dress code; colourful.

She had a big heart and we will be celebrating her life on Monday February 25th at her “Celebration of Life” and memorial at Leonda, by the Yarra, Melbourne. The timing of the proceedings is a 1pm for 1.30pm start, with a formal first half and then an informal second half through until 6pm.

WANTED “Annie-dotes” that you have in memory of Annie.

In lieu of gifts or flowers, we are seeking a donation of Your Annie story or “Annie-dotes” that are a written story outlining an interaction with or involving Annie at some time in her life that you believe is memorable or brings smile to the face or tear to the eye. We are compiling a book of these for the children (Ellora, Dex and Itzy) and Dean for those moments in the future when they are missing their mum, need a reminder of her, or just want to luxuriate in the memory of Annie’s large life. If you have a photo from the interaction or from the time, please include.

Format: word document or PDF, A4 or Letter size for inclusion in 4 nicely bound books. (include a photo of yourself and your name too)
Send to: and remember to add the attachment!

Donations: The Bolton Clarke Wound Fund.

There will be some who want to give more, and in that case, there is a link her to the Bolton Clarke Wound Fund. We relied on this for some complex and space age dressings during Annie’s last few months. Her legacy was for this generosity to be paid forward to support others in similar need.

Order of Service

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25 February 2019

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'Celebration of the Life' of Annie Tucker Kelly and memorial service

Leonda by the Yarra

25 February 2019

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Bolton Clarke Wound Fund Donations via this 'event video' link

25 February 2019

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'Celebration of the Life' of Annie live stream via "event link" below

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