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Heather and Robert Turner — 13 October 2021

Our deepest sympathy to Robyn, Kimi, Lachlan, Mia and Suni and all the Nishimura family on the sudden passing of Taka. Robert and I have got to know Taka through our son marrying Taka and Robyns delightful daughter Kimi. Taka was a beautiful, kind and gentle man with a lovely sense of humour. He will be sadly missed at family gatherings. Although it was a lovely way for him to pass it has been a devastating shock for all the family and friends.We hope that you will be comforted by the knowledge that he enjoyed a wonderful life, was greatly inspirational and much admired.May you all be sustained by memories of happy family times spent with your Taka. Our thoughts, love and sympathy are with you at this time. Heather and Robert. Xx